About Me

After graduating from college with a BA in Psychology, I began my career at the Sacramento Children's Home.  Shortly I was put in a supervisory position as the Program Director of their new pyschiatric center for children. I was given the privilege of cutting the ribbon to open the facility, with Nancy Regean being my co-partner. Soon I was to be hired by The Chilren's Receiving Home of Sacramento as the Assistant Director (In charge of Daily Operations).  After seven years in the position, I became the Northern California Director of Ettie Lee Homes For Youth.
I then recieved a call into ministry and was a pastor of three churches and managed to get through three building programs with no debt in any of the projects. While pastoring a church, I also was Director of
a chapman University Center at a Naval Air Station. While there I established a Master's degree program and taught all the core courses in Human Resources and Development for that degree. Several Navy personnel and Community leaders received their Master's degree before I moved to another assignment.
In 1990 I founded Ray Goin Ministries which became Christian Companion Ministries, which has been a non-profit 
(501 C3) organization for 25 years now.
Under its banner I have had the privilege of helping thousands of people through counseling, coaching, workshops, seminars and retreats. Many hundreds have successfully completed my recovery programs.
BA - Psychology
MA- Public Administration
PHD- Chrisrian Counseling
Profesional Training:
National Christian Counselor's
  Clinical Pastoral Counselor      Advanced Certification
  Countless workshops in specialized areas of expertise