Saturday Sept. 10th
9 am - 4 pm
"Understanding & Conquering Co-dependency"
12 Steps A Spiritual Journey - Recovery From Damaged Emotions
  •  This is about overcoming  Co-dependency
  • It includes the book "Love Is A Choice."
Shepherding Host Training
  • Training that Helps You Help People In Your Home.
  • The Goups Meet In Homes Via, From My Office live, Weekly.
​Training & College Courses

​Wellsprings Bible College:

BA & MA Degrees:
 - Christian Counseling
Shepherding Host Training:
 - Fifteen Courses to host
 - Recovery Groups
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How To Stop Worrying And Start Living
Managing Anger In Every Area Of Your Life God's Way
Breaking The Bondage Of Co-dependency
Resolving Conflicts At Home, Work Or In An Organization
Overcoming Self-defeating Perfectionism & Sabotage Of Self
Building Healthy Self Esteem In Youself & Others
Temperament Strength's & Weaknesses
Domestic Violence Issues & Solutions


The 24 Hour Turn-A-Round
How To Communicate, God's Way
Frozen Feelings, Role Ruts and Compulsive Behaviors
The Voice of God & Finding His Will For Your Life
Sermon on the Mount Applied to Our Lives
Making Children Mind Before You Lose Your Own
Those Wacky, Willful, Wonderful Teens